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Hire an exponental!

Exponentals are plug & play, hands-on, high-energy players, who are ideally suited for strategic, transformation roles. They are being recognized industry-wide as proven game changers, distinguishing themselves through their mindset, extensive experience and outstanding achievements.

Exponental engagements

Design strategy, deliver blueprints

Lead & deliver critical project

Provide transitional functional leadership

Lead operating model transformation

Casual Business Meeting
Open Laptop
Informative Interview
Modern Work Space

Typically 4 weeks - 12 weeks
25 hours per week

Typically 4 weeks - 12 weeks 
25 hours per week

Typically 3 months - 1 year

Typically 3 months - 1 year
25 hours per week

These are examples of typical exponental engagements. But exponentals are flexible. Create your own way of blending them into your team!

How does it work?


Select your exponental. Get in contact directly. Agree the scope of work, duration, and rates. will help you move fast with contracting and provide administrative support throughout the engagement.

Select your exponental


Strategy, Digital Transformation, Product, Marketing,

Telecoms & IT, multiple industries

Radu has 15+ years of market-changing success in high profile marketing, product, and digital transformation roles with major technology companies such as Google and Vodafone.


HR & Culture Transformation,

Technology and Banking

HR Professional with 20 years of progressive experience Managing & Leading HR functions. Broad international experience covering some of the most dynamic countries in Central & Eastern Europe . 


Innovation, Marketing, Executive Coach

Multiple Industries

Innovator with 20 years of experience leading critical teams at Amazon, Google and Deutsche Bank. He helps companies adopt methods he has adapted from Amazon, Google and the startup world to enable teams to perform in the corporate environment.


Organizational Culture Coach

MCC Certified by International Coaching Federation

With more than 12 years of coaching and 10 years of hands-on leadership experience, up to General Manager, Mihaela has extensive experience assisting companies with CEO integrations, executive transitions, and culture transformations.


Brand Strategy & Digital  Marketing, 

Multiple Industries

Brand strategist with +18 years of experience in both traditional advertising and digital. Founded The Geeks (Saatchi & Saatchi + The Geeks) and contributed to hundreds of successful advertising & digital projects.


Conversion Copywriter for Innovators:

USPs, Messaging, Sales Enablement

Conversion copywriting expert and creator of Becoming Words, an identity studio that specialises in positioning and sales enablement. It’s where innovators and thought leaders turn sheep-shaped clouds of ideas into market shaking messages. 

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