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Become an exponental!

Are you an executive, senior director or experienced entrepreneur with a perfect reputation for success and major achievements in your field?

How would you like to maximize your impact by doing high profile roles that further build up your reputation while minimizing inefficiencies generated by the corporate frictions that plague traditional employment arrangements?


With an exponental contract you get to be more efficient so you typically get the equivalent compensation for the traditional role you are filling in, while working less, and with a higher impact. The specific conditions are flexibly agreed between you and employer. 


As a sign of appreciation for your talent and achievements, we are very demanding with selecting our exponetals.


Being listed as an "exponental" is a badge of honor, meaning you are being recognized by both the exponental community and by the business community at large as an outstanding talent, one who is guaranteed to uplift any organisation that hires you and bring a big impact, im your role. 

A perfect track record of success (or learning from courageous failure) is required, together with outstanding recommendations coming directly from the executives that you have worked for in the past. 

Reach out! Get to know us by sending your application and setting up a call with us.

We would be thrilled to have you onboard! 

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