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Roxana Gramada

Conversion Copywriter for Innovators:

USPs, Messaging, Sales Enablement

What is your work really about? And what does it do for the world

out there? You need to articulate the footprint your mission creates into customers’ lives. Because you can’t change the world if you can’t make a sale. And your best idea is not worth much buried deep inside your brain.

For 17 years, I’ve been wording out the DNA of my clients’ products, services, or personas, making them shine and sell. After doing it as a 9-to-when-we’re-done for a film studio, a media conglomerate, and UNICEF, I decided to start my own shop. (I still write for UNICEF and love every second of it.)

Clients call me the Un-tangler. Alien. Essence Extractor.

Because I enter the world of your brand or idea, interpret what’s inside and bring out what you need.

I know I’m successful when after working with me, you’re crisp and clear about your mission and your product’s mission, you upgrade your communication and messaging, expand your audience, and increase sales with your website, emails, and signature content.


Traditional jobs

2014 - present

Founder and Chief Nerd Officer
Becoming Words

Becoming Words is a business identity studio for thought leaders and innovators. It’s where intra and entrepreneurs turn sheep-shaped clouds of ideas into market shaking messages. Her email masterclasses have powered up B2B conversion rates of 15% within two hours from sending

2013 - 2014

Fundraising Manager
Unicef Romania

2010 - 2013

Project Director
Blockbuster Media

Responsible for generation and implementation of corporate partnerships. Pitched and signed the flagship partnership, expanded and managed the corporate partnerships portfolio

Responsible for overall implementation of 5M EUR project - budgeting, planning, execution and delivery, as well as reporting to financiers on communication, training, counselling, media representation and advocacy

2008 - 2010

Corporate Affairs Director, Realitatea-Catavencu

Coordinated group campaigns and communications, e.g. award-winning ecological program Code Green, the country’s largest humanitarian effort at the time, in association with UNICEF and OMV Petrom

2005 - 2008

Marketing and Sales Director 
MediaPro Pictures

Managed all inbound new business enquiries, London and Los Angeles offices included, qualifying potential opportunities, actioning next steps, and pitching. 


Academia de Studii Economice, BA, International Business 1996 - 2000

Roxana has been practicing aikido, a contemporary Japanese martial art, for 20 years and is the first 4-Dan woman aikidoka in Aikikai Romania. Together with her brother, she teaches aikido for both adults and children at Hakken Dojo.

"Roxana is able to turn any hidden, million plus value, undefined idea, from a fuzzy cloud-like animal, into market shaking words."

Bogdan Putinica,
Senior Vice President
oftware Development Services Business Unit, Enea Software AB

"It wasn’t the first time good ideas were twinkling in my head at midnight. But this time, we went from ideation to implementation in less than 4 months. What was different? I shared it with my team, and we were all absorbed in the beautiful journey of a new product. We wanted everything: to be simple, to be memorable, to move people to action. In B2B consultancy, it’s never about the sexy or the coolest offering. But we made it.

We realized the entire message and the campaign should be about our values and strengths, commonly shared with our partners. It was a perfect match between my team and Roxana. Always positive, responsive, she guided us to the clarity that each message should bring. With Becoming Words, our campaign converted at 30%. Half of the results came in within two hours from sending, on a Friday afternoon."

Alina Georgescu
CEE Sales Director & SEE Director

"Becoming Words is an inspired choice. Because it delivers what it promises!

Roxana succeeded, in a very short time, to understand our business model, our priorities and objectives, and helped us translate them creatively and insightfully into “becoming words.” I am impressed with her capacity to deliver top quality creative and strategic content in only a few hours."

Ionut Gheorghe

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