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Mihaela Reese

Organizational Culture Coach. 

MCC Certified by the International Coaching Federation

Your gifts are a given, but how you use them, what helps you and what prevents you, how you increase or decrease your intensity is science. I am Mihaela Reese and among my gifts is the ability to be part of other people's paths, without taking their light. I am a clear, discreet, challenging intelligence and emotional presence that calls into question who you are and what you know so that you get where you want to be.

With more than 12 years of coaching and 10 years of hands-on leadership experience, up to General Manager, I have been assisting companies with CEO integrations, executive transitions, and changing their cultures. I have assisted both teams dealing with confrontations, and highly collaborative teams, working towards difficult objectives. I am a storyteller by nature and my role has filled my bucket with stories about success, failure, leading and leaders. I have an executive presence combined with a considerate coaching approach. This has given me a natural way of connecting and working with people, which creates long lasting, trustful relations.


Traditional jobs

2009 - present

Executive Coach, Team Coach,  Individual Coach

I coach leaders and teams on their specific objectives. I accompany them in getting clear on what their needs are and how to reach their goals.

2011 - 2019

Associate Coach for the EMBA of Maastricht School of Management 

2008 - 2009

Managing Director
Avenir Telecom

I coach students when working in teams to build a collaborative culture, manage difficulties and move towards the desired result.

Managed 1,600 employees in Romania

Reporting to Group International Director

Owned a budget of 20M Euro

Reformed and lead the management team • Improved competitive position in the market 

Reorganized and increased efficiency

2006 - 2008

Managing Director,
Cordon Electronics Romania

Reporting to: Group’s CEO

Budget: 2 mil euro

Main achievements:

Raise profit by 20%

Increase the revenues by 40%

Created a decision-oriented, collaborative and open organizational culture

2003 - 2006

National Sales Manager

Reporting to GM and Grouo CCO

Budget: 28 mil euro

Increased company revenues by 149% Decreased portfolio erosion

Increased customer network by 32%


Practitioner on TBRI – Trust-Based Relational Intervention, University of Texas / Karyn Purvis Institute (USA) 2019

Master Certified Coach certificate, International Coaching Federation (USA) 2019

Advanced team and organizational coaching tools, Metasysteme Coaching Academy 2015

Coaching Fundamentals and Strategy, The Inner Game by Timothy Gallwey (USA) 2014

Fundamentals of coaching, Advanced team and organizational coaching tools, Metasysteme Coaching Academy 2009

EMBA Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (Paris) 2007

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