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Welcome to exponentals

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What is an exponental?

Not a top talent employee. Not a high powered consultant. Both, and better.

Top talent is one of the main drivers of a company's success. When a company is being transformed (think digital) consultants can also bring invaluable external compass and strategic insight. The impact of top talent and consultants is however seldom maximized in a traditional working environment.

What if you could have both a top talent employee and a highly skilled consultant in one go, at your disposal, when you need it, for as long as you need it, in a cost effective manner?


Hire an exponental.

Home: Welcome

Why hire an exponental?

Because the future of work is now.

Exponentals are natural champions for your critical, time-limited, projects.

They offer hands-on experience, seniority, skin in the game, and outstanding local reputation.

Working Together

Agent of Change

Exponentals are motivated achievers with an exponential mindset. They get excited by truly transformative roles and the opportunity to contribute to highly meaningful outcomes.


Highly Competent

Exponentals are highly competent, with a progressive mindset and exceptional achievements in similar roles and industries.

Giving a Presentation


Exponentals work directly for the CEO or one of the C-suit executives, either multiplying their impact or fulfilling a key hands-on role in their team.

Happy Handshake

Low friction

Exponentals do not compete for internal promotions and rewards, allowing permanent employees to fully enjoy the recognition for the team's success.



Exponentals work for the CEO or one of the C-suit executives. Their commitment is to the executive team. Their performance defines their personal reputation.

Conversation between Colleagues

Cost effective

Taxwise and timewise.

Touchscreen Computer

Strategic edge

Exponentals bring in external compass, leveraging their experience with other companies while being highly connected to your industry.


Get introduced


Strategy, Digital Transformation, Product, Marketing,

Telecoms & IT, multiple industries

Radu has 15+ years of market-changing success in high profile marketing, product, and digital transformation roles with major technology companies such as Google and Vodafone.

Radu founded in 2020 and kickstarted the xponentals comunity.


People, Organization & Culture Shaping

Transforming an organization starts with shaping its culture, values and leadership behaviors in support of an exponential growth strategy. Florin has a strong track record of shaping thriving, adaptive cultures that accelerate performance and effect transformative, long-lasting change. 


Innovation, Marketing, Executive Coach

Author of "Innovate like Amazon, set goals like Google"

Richard has 20 years of experience leading critical teams at Amazon, Google and Deutsche Bank. He helps companies adopt methods he has adapted from Amazon, Google and the startup world to enable teams to perform in the corporate environment. His clients include Vodafone, Nestle and IKEA.


Organizational Culture Coach

MCC Certified by International Coaching Federation

With more than 12 years of coaching and 10 years of hands-on leadership experience, up to General Manager, Mihaela has been assisting companies with CEO integrations, executive transitions, and changing their cultures. She has an executive presence combined with a considerate coaching approach which has given her a natural way of connecting and working with people, creating long lasting, trustful relations.


Brand Strategy and Digital Marketing Consultant, multiple Industries

Brand strategist with +18 years of experience in both traditional advertising and digital. Founded The Geeks (currenlty Saatchi & Saatchi + The Geeks) and contributed to hundreds of successful advertising & digital projects, while educating hundreds of young marketeers in brand building & digital communication. 


Conversion Copywriter for Innovators:

USPs, Messaging, Sales Enablement

Conversion copywriting expert and creator of Becoming Words, an identity studio that specialises in positioning and sales enablement. It’s where innovators and thought leaders turn sheep-shaped clouds of ideas into market shaking messages. Her email masterclasses have powered up B2B conversion rates of 15% within two hours from sending.


Ovidiu Ghiman

Strategy, M&A, Sales, Customer Service, Marketing

multiple industries

Ovidiu has 25 years of executive experience with DIGI and Telekom, accross B2B, B2C, and innovation units. He is an entrepreneur, independent consultant and startup menthor. He founded Ronin, the regional crowdfunding platform helping European start-ups get access to financing and menthoring support. 


Andrei Benghea-Malaies

Deliver like a start-up, build strategy like McKinsey

Strategy Consulting, Financing, Governance

Andrei has 20 years of experience leading consulting, business and executive teams at EY, McKinsey, and others. He is now an independent consultant and non-executive board member for e StanleyBet, Certinvest, Electrica, eMag & Sameday, as well as 20+ startups. He founded Credia Fintech, a consumer finance aggregator that raised a pre-seed round with Techcelerator. 


Legal & Compliance

M&A, IP, Commercial, multiple industries

Anca has over 20 years of experience in leading Legal teams and leading complex projects in the areas of Commercial, M&A, IPR, Employment, IT&C, Corporate in technology. Her experience was developed in leading Law Firms and Telco operators. She is now an independent lawyer, working with customers looking not only for her understanding of legal matters but also for her overall business acumen.


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16-18, Mircea Vasilescu St, Ap 2, Bucharest 40184, Romania

(+40) 738 225 500

Thanks for getting in touch!

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